Single Stones

Gemstones and Paraiba Site

We supply jewellers, goldsmiths and high-end jewellery companies with beautiful single gemstones and diamonds for their creations. We deal with treated and non-treated stones, but the most important aspect for us is that the stone must be well cut to optimise its colour and “life”. We regularly have in our stock the following:

  • Diamonds (>0.80 Cts)
  • Sapphires / Rubies
  • Emeralds
  • Spinels
  • Tanzanites
  • Tourmalines
  • Paraíbas
  • Garnets Malaya
  • Garnets Tsavorites
  • Garnets Demantoïds
  • Amethysts / Citrines / Quartz

This list is far from being exhaustive, so please do not hesitate contacting us with your requests.

Calibrated Stones

Whether its for watchmakers or high-end jewellery, we also supply the Swiss market with precision-cut calibrated stones starting from 0.55-0.60 mm :

  • Sapphires
  • Rubies
  • Emeralds
  • Paraíbas
  • Demantoïds
  • Garnet Color-Change
  • Tsavorites
  • Amethysts

We mostly supply rounds, but don’t hesitate to contact us for other cuts and asymmetrical cuts, for invisible setting for example.

Depending on what we have in stock, we generally supply within a week. Otherwise orders usually take 4-5 weeks. Orders like blue and pink sapphire usually take less time.

Custom Cut


Depending on the rough we have, we cut, engrave and carve gemstones, pearls and MOP according to your instructions. This is particularly useful for unique jewellery pieces and reparations. This can be done with our rough or your stones. Please ask us for samples that demonstrate what we can do for you: carved cabochons, your logo on a stone, doublets with MOP and quartz, etc…

We also offer a re-cutting and polishing service for gemstones and diamonds. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Coloured Stones

For all your coloured gemstone requests, please use our contact page or use our Gemstone Form below. If we don’t posses the desired stone in stock, we will gladly make you an offer to find one or cut one for you.


We supply our customers with diamonds of 0.80 Cts or more, always with GIA® or IIDGR© (De Beers) certificates at very competitive prices. We also offer a diamond grading and certification service. Please click on the link below for more information.